Flying Penguins Pilots Game Info

An exciting dogfight in the sky between skilled penguin pilots is what you get in this shooting game. Out of a sudden, 2 players came flying out of nowhere and charge into battle for conquering the sky! Those skilled pilots were far from being humans, but close to being the Flying Penguins Pilots, flightless lords over the entire sky! Their enchanted aerial abilities combined with loads military flying experience, makes the Flying Penguins Pilots to be the most lethal things at night, and today you have the chance to becoming one of them. Pick your plane and upgrade its stats before entering the dogfight event and blast down your enemy! Good luck! Player 1: WASD to fly, Z to use Machine Gun, X to launch rockets and Space bar to Eject the winged penguin. Player 1: Arrow keys to fly, O to use Machine Gun, P to launch rockets and Shift to Eject the winged penguin.

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