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Superfighters is a cool online shooting game where teams of you and computer players get lots of guns and try to blast the AI. There is 1 life per round. Use the left and right direction keys to move. Press the up key to jump and hold the down key to crouch. To roll on the ground, press the down key while moving. You will dodge bullets fired at you. To run faster, double-tap and hold the left or right direction key. Sprinting drains your stamina (the white bar). You can also bind sprint to a button in the set up. To perform a dive press down while sprinting. This stunt allows you to knock: enemies down and avoid taking damage from falling. You will dodge bullets fired at you aswell. To swing your fists press the melee key (N by default). You can perform a combo by attacking several times quickly. To aim your gun, press and hold the shoot keg (M by default). While aiming use the up and down keys adjust your aim. Releasing the shoot key fires your weapon, while pressing the melee key cancels the action.

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  • lonny

    This game is fun!


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