Thunder Gun Pit Crew Titans

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Thunder Gun Pit Crew Titans by Ingersoll Rand puts you in control of an 8-man pit crew to see how fast you can get your car in and out of the pits and back on the track for victory. Get ready to refuel the tank, pump the jack, and work those lug nuts with an Ingersoll Rand Thunder Gun, just like the real pit crews who have been using Ingersoll Rand tools in the pits for over 50 years! Challenge yourself to perfect your pit stop and compete with friends and players around the world for the best time.

As evidenced by user ratings, this is the best pit crew game available. Its intuitive, responsive controls produce an unmatched game play experience.

Work your pit stop magic on one of the car designs included, or create your own design in the Ingersoll Rand paint shop. There, you can fully customize car colors, numbers, crew uniforms, and even the driver’s name!

The roar of the engine, the zip of the Thunder Gun, and the smell of gas with a touch of burnt rubber. Are YOU ready to become a Pit Crew Titan??

Feature List:

? The complete pit stop experience including refueling, jacking, tire changing, and grill cleaning
? Simple, intuitive, responsive controls
? Authentic sound effects: Thunder Gun blastin’, engine revvin’, and tire squeelin’
?6 unique car designs: Club Car, Ingersoll Rand, Nexia, Schlage, Thermo King, and Trane
?Paint Shop: customize your car design with the colors, graphics, and numbers of your choice
?Customizable pit crew uniforms
? 1-pit, 3-pit, and 5-pit events
? 3-dimensional environment and animations
? Integrated social sharing to boast your best times to your friends
? Game Center leader boards to see how your times measure up to others around the world

What’s fast?? See below for ‘The Official Unofficial 1-Pit Time Scale’:

~17 seconds: Alright, but there’s room for improvement.
~15 seconds: Starting to get the hang of this thing.
~13 seconds: Now it’s safe to proudly share your time with your friends.
~12 seconds: Nearing ‘Legendary’ status.
~11 seconds: Pit Crew Titan status confirmed!
10.234 seconds: Well, we want a screenshot of that!

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