Gun Mayhem

Gun Mayhem

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Gun Mayhem

In this cartoon style shooting game you need to shoot the enemy off the small island map to advance to the next round, sounds like a simple challenge right? but it gets harder when you battle smarter enemies. Battle with the AI or with friends because this game supports up to 4 players at once so call your friends to have a battle royale. You can also have some fun when you customize your character to your own liking!


– Supports up to 4 players at once
– Utilize over 60 different firearms
– 12 diverse maps to fight on
– 4 unique gameplay modes: Last Man Standing, One Shot One Kill, Gun Game and Duck Defense
– Campaign mode includes coop option
– Customizable characters


Controls can be edited in the game options
Arrow Keys – Movement
Left Square Bracket ( [ ) – Shoot
Right Square Bracket ( ] ) – Throw Bomb

Players 2 – 4 Controls can be edited in options.

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